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Please use the form below to make inquiries regarding products.

  • ※Responses to inquiries will be handled during business hours.
  • ※It may take us some time to respond to your inquiry, depending on the nature of your inquiry, the number of other inquiries, etc.
  • ※If the e-mail address you have provided is incorrect or if we experience system trouble, we may not be able to provide a response to your inquiry.
  • ※Depending on the nature of the inquiry, we may respond by telephone or postal correspondence rather than e-mail.
  • ※All our e-mail replies are addressed to specific individuals.  Please refrain from making secondary use of these or reprinting of them, either in part or in full.
  • ※Please understand that we are unable to respond to every e-mail we receive.


Please use this form to send us your inquiries.

The asterisk * indicates a required item. Please use half-byte characters rather than full-width characters.

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Please direct corporate inquiries to the following e-mail address.

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