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Product Condom


About Okamoto Condom Feature

OKAMOTO has been pursuing and challenging an ultimate "Nothing-like" feelings over 80 years with the belief that the essential factors for the feelings are "Thinness" & "Softness". In addition to these factors, needless to say, "Safety" is the most important factor for condom.


Ultra Thin

OKAMOTO is manufacturing very thin latex condoms and polyurethane condom which conform to the requirements of ISO 4074:2002.


One of the best unique features of Okamoto condom is "even thickness." Although some other manufacturers recently appeal thinness of their condoms like "0.03mm" or "thinnest," it actually means only a thin point (normally the bottom of condom).  On the other hand, Okamoto's condoms are evenly thin from the open end through the middle to the closed end.


All of Okamoto condoms are manufactured according to ISO 4074:2002 standard, and, acturelly, satisfy much more values than the requirements in the standard.  The following are the certificates that our plants acquired.

> Management System Certification

  1. 1. DIN EN ISO 9001
  2. 2. EN ISO 13485
  3. 3. ISO 14001
  4. 4. GMP Certificate
  5. 5. CAN/CSA ISO 13485 for Canada

> Medical Device Product Certification

  1. 1. Ministry of health, labor and welfare in Japan
  2. 2. 510K USFDA
  3. 3. CE Mark (according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Annex II - EU)


The reason why we think "Softness" is important is that it leads to "Closely-Fitting" and "Comfort."
Okamoto condoms are proved to be softer compared to competitor's items by internal modulus, and you can also see the characteristic by swelling up the condoms by yourself.


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