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True to our slogan (“Science Delivers Better Living”),
we gather our creative technical capabilities in an effort to create products that help people live healthy,
comfortable lives.

Okamoto Industries, Inc. was established in 1934 as a manufacturer of latex condoms, rubber boots, and rubberized cloth. Since then, we have developed materials for a wide array of products as a general manufacturer of rubber and plastics.
Our diverse product lineup includes materials for car interiors, plastic films, and other intermediate materials for corporate customers, as well as rubber products such as condoms and rubber gloves, dehumidifiers, heating pads, and other consumer products.
As "customer first" we, the Okamoto Group, are always aware of and understand the needs of consumers for final products and processors for intermediate materials.
Our daily efforts to foster our research on materials and processing technology to develop and improve new products.

Especially recently, based on our high knowledge of film forming technology and quality control, we have entered the fields of electronics industry, building materials industry, food packaging industry, medical industry, etc. and provide various products.
In addition to Japan, we have production bases in Thailand, Vietnam, China, and the United States, and supply products from each country.

In recent years, the social environment surrounding us has changed significantly.
Values are diversifying at home and abroad, and the principle of global competition is working.
In addition, we are entering an era in which a company cannot survive without keywords such as "environment," "society," and "corporate governance."

As a social entity, the Okamoto Group will continue to enrich the lives of all stakeholders and achieve sustainable growth.
First of all, our strict quality control and the advanced technology we have developed since our founding continue to boost confidence in the Okamoto Brand.
In addition, as a company aiming to create a healthy and prosperous global environment, we will provide environmentally friendly products and thoroughly implement "Reduce," "Reuse," and "Recycle" of raw materials to solve social issues.

We ask for your continued support for the Okamoto Group.

Chairman and President
Yoshiyuki Okamoto